Starting your healing journey 

New Patient Information

Overview of your first chiropractic visit

Your first visit at Life Family Chiropractic will consist of a consultation, an examination, and X-rays if needed. This evaluation will help discern the primary cause of your pain and will advise the doctor as to what type of care plan is needed. Typically, an adjustment is not performed during the first visit. It is essential that the doctor has a clear picture of the shape your spine is in before administering the first adjustment. The first visit equips the doctor with the knowledge he needs to provide you with the very best care for your specific needs and concerns.

Patient Forms

Want to save 20 minutes on your first visit?

New Patient Paperwork

You can save time during your first appointment by completing the patient registration form prior to your visit. Simply print out the New Patient Paperwork, fill in the information requested, and bring the completed form with you to your appointment.

Involved in a car accident?

Complete these Automobile Accident History form as well.

From our our family to yours — we can’t wait to start you on the path to a fuller life.